Quality Assurance



At Associated Pro Cleaning we are very serious about Quality Management. In order to ensure quality service for all of our clients, we developed a Quality Management System consisting of a continuous cycle of Process Management, Controlled Performance, and Continuous Improvement.

Some key elements of our system include:
  • An organizational structure with clear lines of reporting and clearly defined responsibilities for both internal and field staff
  • Compulsory rigorous training on internal processes, safety and regulatory requirements, the latest efficient cleaning techniques, customer service, and the high standards APC is known for
  • An emphasis on good data collection and analysis
  • Quality assessments by regularly scheduled Inspections conducted at a pre-determined frequency
  • Tracking and sharing of service variances
  • The use of various tools to measure and assure customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and service quality.
  • The solicitation of feedback via annual survey to hear the "voice" of our customers and to ensure quality of service does not fluctuate
  • Inventory Controls: monthly inventory reports of equipment and supplies are reviewed for usage per account, and trend analyses are performed to optimize purchasing, ensure proper usage, and theft prevention

We guarantee our work. If our customers are not happy with our work as completed, we will re-perform the service until complete satisfaction is achieved.